Prevention is key.

As a nation of dog lovers please ensure your dog is micro-chipped and wearing a collar with an ID tag with up to date details. It was made law in 2016 and many dogs are still not chipped.

Therefore many unchipped dogs are found wondering the streets and then go into rescue shelters as they are sadly left unclaimed.

Make sure their microchip paperwork is kept safe for your future reference.

There is a massive amount of homeless dogs in the UK needing homes. Please don’t add to this situation.

Dogs can be stolen from their own homes & gardens. Many are also stolen from their own kennels, so perhaps reconsider where you have left them before going out for the day. Consider investing in cctv.
Also ensure the fencing in your garden is checked frequently for any damage or holes and is high enough to stop them from escaping.

Never leave your dog tied up outside a shop or in a car unattended. You may think they are safe but it only takes a few seconds for someone to take your dog. It’s best to be careful and try to keep them safe.

Would you leave your child tied up outside a shop?

If your dog’s recall is bad & they tend to run away, try to use a long training lead while you work on this or only let them off in a safe enclosed area. This also applies if a dog walker or friend regularly takes them out for walks. You could also consider getting a GPS tracker collar.

Make sure you have loads of pictures of your dog and their distinctive markings. Take up to date pictures as they age.
Also take a picture of their collar and lead in case these are recovered too. I would strongly suggest on a visit to the vets, to make sure the chip can be located and is fully working. The microchip in one of my dogs completely disappeared so he is now chipped twice.

As some of us do know most vets don’t scan every new patient, I have to request it each time I go. It takes a few seconds to scan a dog or cat and I still can’t understand why this is currently not being done. It is a massive let down for our little doggy friends. So many more would be home by now where they belong. All vets & rescues need to scan every dog which goes through their door! Many dogs that are reported missing go to the vets but they are not being flagged up as they are simply not being scanned!

Perhaps if we all constantly requested the scan, it would become second nature to vets to check them. So next time you are at the vets ask them to check it!

Sadly dogs are stolen every day in the UK.

Dogs can be stolen for different reasons, in some cases it may be because they are an expensive breed, and they will sell them on. In other cases it is because they may use them for breeding. Checking pet selling sites and stud sites could a good idea.

Neutering your dog not only offers health and behavioural benefits, but it can also massively help prevent the theft of your dog for breeding reasons.

If your dog is missing:

1. Report your missing dog to the dog warden and their microchip company as soon as possible. If stolen report to the police.
2. Contact all your local vets & rescues in case they have been handed in.
3. Put out laminated posters in your local area & surrounding towns. (Check with your local council to see where you can put them).
4. Post on social media pages. Let your friends know and ask them to share the post. This is a quick and efficient method to sharing the news of a missing dog.

If you find a stray dog:

1. Be careful it may be scared and anxious.
2. Check to see if it has an ID tag and you may be able to reunite the dog and their family.
3. If no ID tag, please bring them to the vets to be scanned and by law you must contact the dog warden to report it.
4. Create a poster to display in your area & post on social media sites as someone may recognise the dog. Please ensure they are the correct owners.

DOGS ARE FAMILY, they have feelings and never forget their families.

Please do the right thing.

Finders, keepers does not apply!