Dog Rescue Awareness

I also help rescue dogs find their forever homes by sharing them on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can find us under the name Rescue Dogs UK.

The three dogs which are listed below have all been waiting a very long time now in rescue. Once a month I will be changing the dogs to other over-looked dogs to try and help them find homes.

If you can offer any of them a home, please contact the rescues direct. And if you can not, please show them to your friends and family. The links to the rescues will be provided on the dogs posts.

Very sadly many healthy dogs are killed every day in the UK due to not enough people adopting them. Please go to a rescue centre first before going to a breeder! Please Spay & Neuter your pet to help the situation of homeless animals.


Danny Boy has been in rescue for a very long time now

Gender/Age: Male 3-4yrs
Breed: Scottie x
Colour: Black
Kennels: Edenbridge. Kent

Danny Boy is a lovely boy once he knows you, he has to have a female owner on a one to one basis, this is all due to him being mistreated. Unfortunately this poor sad little lad, through no fault of his own was kicked and abused in his previous home, living day after day in constant fear, hiding and cowling away from his owner.

This is a very sad case due Danny Boy”s previous male owner who was sadly suffering with-Alzheimers and didn”t realise what he was inflicting on his once best friend.

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